Conrad was a cat. One day his family went to visit some friends. So they took Conrad in the car and went to visit their friends.

When Conrad got to the friends' house, he said, "This is not my house. I do not like it. I am going home." And he ran away.

In an hour Conrad saw a hiuse and a lady in front of it. But it wasn't his house. HE said to the lady in catlanguage, "Could you tell me the way to my house?"

The lady did not answer his question. She did not know cat language and she did not know the way to Conrad's house. She said, "Some milk? Here is some milk."

Conrad drank some milk because he was hungry. "Well, thank you. Good-bye," Conrad said and ran away.

Something inside him said, "GO to this road." So he went to the road.

Then he saw two signs on the road. One sing pointed this way, another pointed that way. Conrad studied the sings, but he didn't know what the signs said.

Something inside him said, "GO to the right road." So he went to the right road.

Then he saw a car service station. He thought maybe the service station man might know cat language. So he said, "I do not have my car today. But could you tell me..."

"Some water?" said the service station man. "Here is some water."

Conrad drank some water. It was no use to ask questions! "Thank you. Good-bye," Conrad said.

Something inside him said, "Walk on that field," so he walked on the field. He caught a field-mouse and ate it. He found a river and drank some water. He ran on day and night, and his feet became very tired.

He said to himself, "What will my family say? They will say, 'Oh, what a foolish cat! He can't talk English. Can't read signs. We don't want such a foolish cat!'" Conrad felt worse and worse, but ran on the road.

And one day Conrad saw his house! Here was his family! He called, "Here I am!" Conrad's family went to the yard. Conrad said, "Oh, I am so glad to be home!" And Conrad's family cried, "Conrad's here! He is so glad to be home!"

Conrad said, "I tried to ask some people the way..."

His family cried, "He couldn't read the signs, but he is here! Corad, you are a clever cat!"

"Am I?" asked Conrad.

Then Conrad's family gave him a big dinner. Conrad began to eat. He stopped and said to himself, "I'm a clever cat." He ate some more. He stopped and said to himself, "I am a clever cat." Then Conrad ate the rest of his dinner and fell asleep.

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