Mrs.Smith lived in an old house. The furniture was old. The walls needed paint. The curtains were torn.

One day a friend gave Mrs.Smith a beutiful rose geranium. The griend said, "This is a magic geranium. Put it on you table. It will make you house over."

Mrs.Smith said, "Oh! Magic geranium!" And she put the flower on her teble.

The geranium looked very nice. MrsSmith said, "Hm, that geranium makes the table look older than ever. I'll buy some green paint and pait the table."

She bought some bright green paint and a paint-brush. She put on her oldest dress. She painted the table. The green table looked bright and beatiful with the rose geranium on it.

Mrs.Smith said, "Hm, that bgreen table makes the chairs look older than ever! I'll buy some rose-coloured paint and paint the chairs."

She bought some rose-coloured paint to match the rose geranium, and painted the chairs. The chairs looked very nice with the green table and rose geranium.

Then Mrs.Smith said, "Hm, the green table and the rose-coloured chairs make my walls look too old! I'll buy some cream-coloured paint. She painted the walls. The walls looked so nice with the rose-coloured chairs and green table and rose geranium."

Mrs.Smith said as she looked around, "I'll paint some rose and green flowers on my cream-coloured walls to match my rose geranium."

She painted some rose and green flowers looked on her cream-coloured walls. The flowers looked so pretty that Mrs.Smith thought, "I'll paint some green and white flowers on my rose-coloured chairs."

She painted some green and white flowers on her rose-coloured hairs.

Mrs.Smith looked at the flowers on her cream-coloured walls and at the flowers on rise-coloured chairs and at the green table and rose geranium and thought, "I need some new window curtains to match this nice room."

She washed the windows. She bought some white curtains. She hung them at the windows.

Mrs.Smith felt very pleased. She said, "Now I shall get a good dinner!"

Mrs.Smith put the best dishes on the table. She put he best knives and forks and spoons and the best red cups.

Mrs.Smith cooked a good dinner. Then she looked at herself. She said, "I must put on a clean dress." She put on a clean dress. Then she called her family to dinner.

She said to Mr.Smith, "You must put on your coat and tie, so you will look as nice as our new house."

She said to her little boy, Jimmy, "You must wash your hands and put on a clean shirt, so you will look as nice as our new house."

She said to her little girl, Sally, "You must put on a clean dress, so you will look as nice as our new house."

Then they all sat down on the rose-coloured chairs at the green table with the rose geranium on it, in the room with the cream-colourred walls and the white curtains. They ate their dinner on the best dishes, with the best knives and forks.

Then Mr.Smith said, "My dear, thatwas the best dinner in my life! And our house looks very nice. My I ask what was the cause of it?"

Mrs.Smith looked at Mr.Smith. She looked at the rose geranium on the table. Then she smiled and said, "It is all because of this nice, beautiful, magic rose geranium!"

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