"Tomorrow", said Mother, "you'll go to your Grandmother's"

"Oh!" said Lucy.

"O.K.!" said Melinda.

"Get up, Melinda," said Lucy next day in the morning. They jumped out of their beds. "We're going to Grandmonther's today!"

They brushed their teeth. They put on their clean dresses and shoes.

Then they took their bags and packed their Sunday dresses. They took their tooth-brushes. They carried their bags downstaits.

"We're ready. Good-bye," said Melinda.

"Good-bye," said Mother. "How about your breakfast?"

They ate their breakfast. "Let's take our dolls," Lucy said. They put on their coats, took their dolls and bags. "Good-bye! We'll go to our Grandmother," they said to their friends.

At last Grandmother came to take them to her house.

Lucy and Melinda waved their hands to Mother.

"I am so glad to go to your house, Grandmother, " cried Lucy."

"Why?" Grandmother asked.

"Because we can sleep in big rooms," said Lucy.

"We can put on your old clothes", said Melinda

"We can have a tea-party," said Lucy.

"We can go to the park," said Melinda.

"You'll tell us funty stories," Lucy said.

They got to Grandmother's house. There were two bed-rooms in the house. Lucy took her bag to the front bed-room. Melinda took her bag to the back. They put their clother in the drawers. They hung up their Sunday dresses.

"I want to put on Grandmother's old clothes," said Lucy.

"So do I," said Melinda. They opened the old drawer. They put on the hats with flowers and long dresses.

"Would the ladies like a tea-party?" Grandmother called. The ladies went down in their long dresses to have a tea-party.

Then Grandmother took them to the park.

"Now, Grandmother," said Melinda in the evening, "tell us about when you were a little girl." And Grandmother told them about when she was a little girl.

"Iwish I could stay here forever," said Lucy and Melinda.

"Don't you miss Mother and Daddy and your friends?" Grandmother asked.

"Oh, no," said Lucy and Melinda.

"Don't you miss your room and your beds?"

"Oh, no," said Lucy and Melinda.

The next day and the next one Lucy and Melinda put on Grandmother's old clothes. They had tea-parties, went to the park and listened to Grandmother's stories/

"We'll never go home," saidLucy and Melinda.

Then one day Grandmother said, "Tomorrow Mother is coming to take you home."

"Oh, fine!" Lucy cried.

"O.K.!" said Melinda.

They got up early in the morning, put on their dresses, put on their coats, packed their bags and carried them downstairs/ Then they took their dolls and bags. "We're ready. Good-bye" said Lucy, "Good-bye," said Grandmother. "How about your breakfast?"

"Fine!" cried Lucy and Melinnda.

At last Mother came in.

"I am so glad to go home!" cried Lucy.

"Why?" Mother said.

"We want to see Daddy," said Melinda.

"We want to see our friends," said Lucy

"We want to ride in our bicycles," said Melinda.

"We want to sleep in our own beds!" they said.

They waved their hands to Grandmother. And went off happily.

Lucy and Melinda